A video went viral which saw the investigative journalist Anas, being mishandled by land vigilantes over a land in Accra. The person in question confessed to be Anas in person. People close to Anas have come out to deny the truth of the video saying, that video surely can’t be Anas.

There has been no comment coming from Anas camp affirming or denying the truth behind the video. Fortunately, Anas granted an interview in what he calls, off record conversation, stating that indeed he has had a land dispute in one of his lands and that the case was sent to court with which the court ruled in his favor.

“The court of the land handles all litigations and land issues and when they rule in your favor, it means the case has been settled. I have the judgement with me, with the case being ruled in my favor” Anas said in an interview.

The question now shifts to whether the person in the video was really Anas because he never allowed the interviewer to ask him that question. People have now run conclusions and strongly believes that, so long as he fears to comment the person in the video, it surely must be him.

In another interview, Ken Agyapong sometime ago came out to lambast Anas stating that, Anas is a fraud and has been blackmailing people to take their lands and he is not surprised with the video that came out.

“I believe now Ghanaians will trust me and know very well the type of person they’re dealing with. Anas is fraud and very corrupt and everyone will gladly know him” Ken Agyapong said in an interview.

He again stressed on what he plans of doing when he comes back to the country and that he will unveil all the videos and evidence he has against Anas.

OneLoveGhana will bring to all that happens when it hits the net. Fingers crossed.


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