One comedy skit which has been making waves on TV and social media is the one handled by Mmebusɛm, who acts as Jesus Christ. He talks and dresses as seen in the Passion of Christ movie.

When the skit came out, people accepted and really laughed at the fun attached to the act but gained some repulsion from some Christians who believe that it is total blasphemy against the character of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Brian, the founder of Brian Jones Ministries is the latest person to speak against this act. Pastor Brian took to his Instagram page to lament on the blasphemy subscribed to the act saying “Enough of this nonsense….I don’t support this…..Christian Youth of Ghana our God cannot be mocked in the name of comedy”.

Joselyn Dumas was the celebrity to respond to the comment showing sign of appreciation to the pastor for boldly coming out. Her comments showed her total support for the man of God.


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