People have ascribed expensive to things of high demand but OneLoveGhanaTV seeks to pinch a hole in your concluded version of expensive things. The most expensive animal currently on the Ghanaian market is no other than the Royal White python snake also known as Albino snake.

The cost of the snake is outrageous to people who do not see the essence of acquiring such a rare piece. Ghanaians in particular have certain notion on a snake in general, therefore will be hard for a Ghanaian to buy a and use a snake as pet.

The cost of this rare piece of snake can buy not less than 5 Toyota Tundra cars with one costing about $150,000. Shocked?! There are features which makes the snake unique in its own abilities and which probably has make it costly. The snake is not venomous and as such will not kill if bitten by it. Though when it bites, one can sustain injuries but won’t be affected.

Again, due to its rare color, which has genetic explanation, also makes it beautiful and attractive. There are others, who also placed some spiritual attributes to them.


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