Funny Face has had some issues with Lil Win for some time now. There had been various accusations leveled against him from Funny Face.

Funny Face had even accused Lil Win of being the cause of his wife running away with his kids. He even dared him to say ‘FIM’ and he will expose all that horrendous acts of Lil Win. According to Funny Face, the information he has about the evil deeds of Lil Win would even collapse his school.

Lil Win in response spoke of what he calls as ‘Social Media banter’ which was to bring in hype for both individual. It seems that Lil Win had taken a loose slide of the whole banter.

He stated again that Funny Face has nothing against him that he has to be scared of him releasing it to the public domain.

Going on, Lil Win added that it would have been better if Funny Face saves everyone’s time and drops his secrets than make useless noise.

Lil Win warned that woe betides Funny Face if he comes out to lie about his school which he has invested 3 billion cedis. He added that Funny Face after paying a visit to his school some years ago praised him for that and it would be surprising to him to come out to lie about him.


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