The viral video that saw the Children’s President being mishandled by a police officer during a video shoot for his new TV series, Kasoa Trotro has now taken a new shape.

Funny face believes what the policeman did at that moment was uncalled for and unprofessional on the man in uniform’s part. So in order to let the law deals with the enforcers, he has decided to take the case to court and sue the policeman for fine.

“I have to sue the policeman for the fine and I will the money to children’s home because they need it more. As the children’s president I have to lay the fundamental truth to the children because they follow me. You must be able to stand for your right and that is what I am doing.

There are good policemen and have good intentions to work and protect the public. But I’m sure this policeman came in to just cause commotion and that commotion will indirectly turn to his demotion” he said when describing the incident.

Sources also show that, the policeman reported the incident to his unit and that called for the invitation of Funny Face to the office for questioning.

The police PRO in an interview said the case is under investigation and when any party is found to be at fault, the law will take its charge.


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