A video of Ghanaian gospel Musician, Ohemaa Jacky being smooched in a hotel room by a fetish priest she approached to seek for help has surfaced on social media.

In the video, Ohemaa Jacky after rounds of sex with the popular Ghanaian fetish priest, Nana Show Boy was allegedly being fingered right in front of her friends at the hotel.

Ohemaa Jacky was at the hotel with her own best friend, Tracey Boakye who has now leaked the videos on social media.

According to Tracey Boakye, Ohemaa Jacky met Nana Showboy at the hotel after she called him on phone requesting help to be a big star in Ghana as a gospel musician.

This was when the fetish priest decided to have his way with her and after than smooched her in right in front of her friends.

Tracey Boakye was pushed to bring out the video after Ohemaa Jacky took her to the cleaners for exposing her boobs at Brother Sammy’s album launch.

Ohemaa Jacky shot to fame when she accused Brother Sammy of impregnating her and dumping her. Brother Sammy denied the allegation but Jacky claims she aborted the pregnancy.



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