Ogyam is in the camp of Rev. Obofuor and for the past weeks has been on Hoahi for speaking against Rev. Obofuor and Agradaa. There has been some videos from Ogyam all directed at Hoahi. Hoahi and also responded to some of the videos exposing the flaws of such act from Ogyam and warned him to desist from that, or else suffer the consequences.

The case had died down during the quarantine period, but Rev. Obofuor issued a strong warning to the producer of Hoahi’s program, that if he does not warn Hoahi, he will send him to court.

In responding to what he termed as an annoying threat, Hoahi also asked thecamp of Rev. Obofuor to put a stop to those insulting acts orelse he will also coem out with news and videos plus audios of pastors and prophets who are always going to the shrine.

“If Ogyam doesn’t stop insulting me and keeps on with that without any instructions from his master, I will also start exposing fake prophets in the system and thing won’t go well with anyone” he said.

He again commended Big Akwes for coming to boldly deny some fake stiroes surrounding him for speaking against him.


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