Nana Agradaa has had some backlash after some encounters with Rev. Obofuor and Otwinoko who is believed to have come from the camp of Obofuor. What she calls as a way of her haters to tarnish her image, the TV host and a priestess went live to clear the airwaves of such accusation.

Otwinoko is also a TV host on RTV, who called out that Nana Agradaa is a fraud and that she has duped a whole lot of people. In her defense, Agradaa resorted to explaining the cause of such wrong accusation and for what she strongly aligns to mere hatred, the priestess and TV host gave out all the issues and banters she had had with people.

She explained that the people she had the banters with understood why it came and that to the workers of RTV and manager of RTV, she doesn’t have any issue with them. The only issue which ensued between the workers of Thunder TV and RTV. She again explained her side of the story as not having any issue with any worker at RTV and that, the issue was spelt out to be between workers of each station.

The accusation of people against Agradaa as a fraudster, she came out bold to dismiss it immediately because she feels “people are bent on tarnishing her image so I won’t sit down for it to happen”. Concerning the 1billion duping made by her according an invited guest on the program hosted by Otwinoko, Nana Agradaa explained that people must settle on understanding the logic behind such accusations. “ How can someone with that amount of money come to me for money” she asked. She explained that if one has such an amount, logically it can’t be right for that same person to come to her shrine to work out money for her. She again threw a rhetorical question to them saying, “if you know I have duped you, why don’t you go to the police for me to be arrested?”


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