AMG Benjamin from Cris Waddle’s clique has come out to clear the air on some defamation of character channeled on him. The news was on the cause of the lost of one eye as a result of sakawa participation.

For what people believe and have subscribed to is the involvement of Benjamin in a sakawa spree which has warranted for the loss of one eye. In his defense, he made a live video explaining the loss and cause of such incident which gave way for the loss.

“I am shocked and baffled with the news and the most insulting aspect attached to this news is the effect on my parents and siblings. I wanted to be a footballer and as a result played active football but during one football match, I headed a ball which had an effect on my eye and caused the loss” he said.

“I am still in awe of how some bloggers are bent on tarnishing your image and when I was broke and had no place to stay, no one bothered to call or lend a helping hand, but now that I am able to handle some things in my life, they will associate it to sakawa. What on earth will I do that for and what at all am I seeking for” he expressed.

The next thing is, if you have evidence of any kind, then you come out in your quest to prove the authenticity of the news.


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