On the morning of Thursday, Rev. Obofuor was invited by the police for causing someone to smoke something considered to be wee during one of his miracle service.

The illegality attached to the smoking of wee warranted for the invitation to be issued. The story was now turned into the laying accusing fingers on people. The direct point of call is the involvement of Rev. Owusu Bempah as the one behind the reports.

People claim that he has not good relation for Obofuor and therefore, due to his connection with the president of the land, he had access to the IGP and played a major for the police to invite him.

Rev. Bempah made arrangements on his show to directly addressed his involvement in the case. To the amazement of all, he claims not to have played any role in the invitation of the police and that he, as a man of God doesn’t hate anybody and is not bent of disgracing a fellow compatriot.


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