Yaw Dabo was a guest on one of the hottest marriage shows on radio, Obra hosted by Mama Efe. And during this time, he was compelled to share on one of his secret stories about his parents.

His father left the mother after he lost his job which made Yaw and the siblings together with the mother struggle through life. There was total absence of that fatherly role in his life, but an interesting twist occurred. The father saw him on TV and made a call to Dabo’s mum for a comeback.

“The law won’t permit me to shoot him after hearing such comments from him, else I would have done just that. So when he left and he had seen me in handcuffs, would he have made that call to my mother to come back ?” He said.

“My mum played an important role in my life and I have been able to build a three bedroom house for her, and no one played a role. Though the movie industry is messed up , I still must give her something to hold on. If we were in the states, I would have shot my father with ease” he stressed on it again.

Yaw Dabo continued to speak on one marriage issue that was happening and gave some advice to the struggling couple.


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