Ghana Jesus has been trending for his comedy skit on Jesus, but this time, the trend is on what he terms as ‘defamation of character’. Sometime ago, there were pictures of him being married to one lady with a condition known as cerebral palsy, which meant he married a person with disability.

People threw shades at him and concluded at their own term that, he internationally married that girl because of money. Coming out to explain the cause of that decision, Ghana Jesus explained that, he is an ambassador for an organization which handles persons with disability, specifically cerebral palsy and autism. “As an ambassador, I have to do everything possible to bring them out in the light and the pictures which came out was a shoot we did together for a movie“ he explained.

“ I have explained all that before and what resurrected this same story is from one friend who approached me that he wants to hype his YouTube channel and that he wants to use my story for that. I told him I was not interested, but he still went ahead to do that” he continued.

Commenting on defamation of character caused by the mother of the woman with disability he got married to in the movie photo shoot, Mmebusem debunked all the words from the ‘mother-in-law’ stressing on making ready to sue the woman for character defamation.


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