Hoahi is on the verge of speaking against any act of pastors he considers inappropriate. He’s been speaking against pastors like Obinim, Obofuor and the rest.

Prophet Osei Kwame also has risen to interestingly fight him off against speaking ill of pastors. His recent attack was against Obofuor and workers of him, like that of Ogyam. What Prophet Osei believes to be a wrongful act from him, he strongly signaled that anything of insult sort that happens again, he will have a bone to pick with him.

“Why do you have to always be on Pastors? Do you think everyone is wrong and you’re the only right one? You believe to be most sensible but it’s false. Just don’t bring that attitude on me and I can vow to respond when you do” he said.

Lastly, he pleaded on behalf of Prophet Malope for lying about Rev. Obofuor and though he is wanted by the police, Prophet Osei asked that he forgives him.


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