There is a video trending online which involves Nana Ama McBrown and Baby Maxin during her 1year birthday celebration.

In the video, McBrown was seen kissing the daughter and licking her hands off some cake residues. The kissing which some describes as ‘disgusting’ and appalling.

The intensity of the video has reached globally, as it was spotted on Fox News where they were describing with disdain attached to the video. Outspoken MP, Hon. Ken Agyapong in commenting on the video restricted her view on the people who actually took it to social media.

“I met her at Heathrow Airport when she was coming with the baby after birth. And we talked and had some wonderful conversation.

She was walking with an uncle who was happier than McBrown and she also talked of how she had struggled to get a child. It was all joy and merry and I had a good chat with her.

It is just a disgrace and uncalled for, for someone to really be invited into her room and later record some small portion of the whole ceremony and take it to social media. What was the purpose of such act? Is it really news for a mum to kiss her daughter or lick something off the hand of her daughter” he said.

He again chastised Ghanaians for always making moves on social media and not considering people before taking such actions.


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