For what seemed like a banter between Ken Agyapong and Kevin Taylor has now turned into accusation which could lead to prosecution.

J.B. Danquah was murdered and the C.I.D is yet to bring to books the murderers and persons involved in the heinous act. The initial stages saw the invitation of people alleged to have played a role in the act, who had written statements concerning the case.

Kevin in his quest to bring to book the active participants of the murder, brought out the docket of the case and also showed the statement of one accused person by name Daniel Asiedu also known as Sexy Gongon. The statement of the accused is alleged to have mentioned Ken Agyapong as the one who orchestrated the act and that he paid Daniel Asiedu to stab the man.

“I have the docket and I dare the Attorney General and the CID to bring out the docket to the general public and although they can manipulate the statement but I have a copy of it. In subsequent days, I’ll provide evidence upon evidence juxtaposing the claims I am making. Ken Agyapong is a murderer and I will show and prove to the whole world” he said.

Fingers crossed in anticipation of the evidences that will be coming out to the general public and OneLoveGhana will be there to update and inform the public.


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