One thing that is hard for some pastors is the rebuking aspect attached to preaching. This cannot he said of Mama, who during her teaching service threw shades on the slay queens.

To her, life is full on issues and the uncertainty in life gives room for one to be humble. Though invited to minister as a musician, the Gospel took the mic to address and encourage single and divorced to be strategic and reasonable when it comes to marriage.

“You are single and have been praying to God for a man to marry whereas you have the means to sponsor a man to marry you. You see the man in church and you know he is single but is broke, what stops you from asking him out and paying for him” she said.

“Some Christians are just the wasting God’s time with unnecessary prayers, knowing perfectly that they can do things to make amends especially to the divorced. You don’t expect people to just come and take your hand in marriage because you are in church, remember that you’re separated for a reason. You might be the one at fault, and with this you can pray to make amends, you have to approach the situation as it is and apologize and if your man called for the separation because of some attitude, why don’t you change for him?” she continued.

Mama Esther then redirected the advice to a song which is as composed by Kwadɛɛ which stressed on side chick and a wife. She cautioned the married to be careful with their dealings with their husbands and that, not all attitudinal change needs prayers but discipline and conscious effort to change.

“When you make ear to listen to worldly songs, get to know the lyrics and you may learn a lot from it” she ended. She ministers some of her songs after this powerful advice.


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