There is a report of a threat of death on the life of Joy FM Journalist, Mr. Mannesseh Azure Awuni. This threat happened in the wake of the airing of the documentary titled ‘MILITIA IN THE HEART OF THE CITY’ on DE EYE GROUP’ on Joy TV on 7th March 2019.

In an interview on Neat FM, the journalist made such a revelation. He said, “I have had threatening information from my informants in government, which I have given to the CID”. The CID in their into protecting and verifying such claims have invited some people to help with the investigations.

The ruling party made allegations that the documentary was a sponsored work by the opposition party by which he blatantly denied saying “I work on professionalism and that before airing the documentary, I contacted all the individuals involved”.

The documentary lists the governing New Patriotic Party as the apparent sponsors of a group of youth numbering about 400 said to be militiamen under training at the Osu Castle.

The interview with Neat Fm is below;


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