“People say Evang. Addai is mad and that whatever he says must not be taken serious but it’s the same people who will hype what he says too” this is the direct stance that came from the actress Vivian Jill as a reactionary measure against the accusations from Evangelist Addai.

“Why on earth will I breastfeed my son and go naked in front of him, are there no men in the country? It’s disgracing and very bad on his part to make such accusations. Even he was able to find a wife how much more myself finding a man to have an affair with? I have gone through a lot and it becomes irritating and annoying to hear people make unnecessary accusations especially with regards to my family. Addai is part of the people, who have made me live a discreet life because they are always there to make the wrong assumptions and conclusions on the lives of people.

My son messaged him to get the response from him and he couldn’t respond and there was no reply. For him, he is on a quest to just cause havoc and tarnish the image of people especially Kumawood.

I just don’t have much to say concerning that and I pray he experience whatever effect attached to that uncalled for act”.

On the topic of having affair with Bill Asamoah, the actress openly revealed that, “Bill has been a close friend and had always been the go-to person when it comes to acting. He was the first to motivate and encourage to keep acting and also took me through some processes to be able to handle the profession. So indeed we were close but never dated him” she ended the interview on the note of asking for forgiveness from fans and loved ones if she had made wrong wordings during the interview.


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