Many have prophesied on the upcoming General Election, all in favor of the ruling party, the NPP. One prophecy which has caused an uproar in the camp of the NPP is the one from Nigel Gaisie, who amidst all prophecies and wordings, has confirmed victory for the opposition party, the NDC.

Not only did he declare a win for the NDC but gave some specifics. Calling out the winning percentage, the prophet made a bold declaration saying an angel called out such percentages and therefore cannot be faltered and therefore Ghanaians must look out for that.

The aftermath of the prophecy is quite unfortunate for the man of God as there had been threats issued against him from the BNI. The second anomaly was with the bribery activity issued by the NPP to let him come out with another prophecy declaring them winners.

The information was revealed during his ministration. “I cannot be bribed and shaken by the NPP and BNI because I speak the mind of God and nothing can change the mind of God. Just wait and see and we will all see the truth. God speaks and every man is a lie” he said.

The question here is, what will happen to the prophecy and will he accept the money and what will be the outcome of the threats?

OneLoveGhana will be the best source of information and update for the outcome.


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