Interestingly, this is the first time a prophet is boldly speaking against Obinim during the ‘beefing’ moment with Kennedy Agyapong. Many have spoken on behalf of Angel Obinim and had asked the MP to forgive him and personally, Obinim had come out to apologize.

Prophet Amoako Atta during his ministration on radio also descended boldly on Obinim about his actions and some statements he made during word brawl with each other.
“You can’t say you’ll put your priesthood down and disgrace yourself then later come back for it. Obinim is a nice guy but is just foolish and a total disgrace. He is a disgrace to the Christiandom because he stood in front of TV and couldn’t locate the book of Proverbs.

I’ve been talking about him and I said he will go off this year. His priesthood has been taken from him and therefore he is finished already. I ask Kennedy Agyapong to forgive him because personally, his time is up” Prophet Amoako emphasized.

Lastly, he condemned the people of Tema for choosing Obinim’s church knowing very well that it’s a false church. “You keep rejecting good churches when they come to Tema and prefer to pick such churches, Tema people keep disgracing themselves. It’s very bad” he ended.


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