The leader of the International Central Gospel Church (I.C.G.C), Pastor Mensah Otabil in reacting on the gruesome accident that occurred on the Kintampo road which saw about 57 losses, condemned the loss and sympathized with people who lost a loved one.

The man of God before preaching on Sunday took turn to sympathize with the people who lost their loved ones on that day.

“In one accident, 60 people died and that is just unbelievable. We can blame whoever we want to blame but the sad thing is lives have been lost in a very senseless way”. He retorted.

“Ghana is a small country so why should traveling be hazardous? Many of our prayers are for journey mercies, I’m not saying you shouldn’t pray for safe journeys, but that should not be a prayer topic, there are other ones that must be prayed for like souls to be won” he fumed.

The man of God ended by again sympathizing and praying for losses and also urged the Authorities to really work on the remedies in avoiding such incident of repeating.

“For all you know, there could be a whole family that is wiped out for no sensible reason”. It is not good and that our leaders must do something about it and intervene, and when we hear that someone has died it should be unavoidable and not just traveling innocently” the man ended.


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