In an era where there is always banter between people belonging to the same industry. This banter has been ongoing for a while now when Bro. Sammy released a single titled “Nipa fo na ka nsem foo”

People have reacted to the song and one of such people was Prophet Kofi Oduro. The prophet in his Sunday sermon lambasted the singer for demeaning and shaming the gospel with that song. He again was heard to have pronounced curses on the singer.

Bro Sammy in reacting to the curses and insults rained on him said, “if you consider those as curses then what will blessings bring? The curse has brought me car”

He added that the man of God who cursed him because of the song is a small pastor to him and that his spirit is also very small so not much attention will be given to him.

He again cleared the waves on the grudge he had with Ernest Opoku claiming that he is a son to him and that he trained Ernest to be a singer.


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