The banter between Agradaa and Obofuor as defined by people may have a root cause but not known generally yet. There has been assumptions and connotations ascribed their actions against themselves which are questionable.

The backdrop of this story is Rev. Obofuor calling someone out in his congregation to come out with wee, and subsequently asked him to smoke it in the church. Nana Agradaa on the other hand called on the man in question to her studio to question the authenticity of the whole prophetic exposition and miracle added. The man spoke of how the whole scene in the church was staged and that they had rehearsed way before it happened.

The now exhorted miracle has turned to be a hoax and not only does it tarnish the image of the man of God but the miracles he had done in a whole.

The current state of the matter is the defense placed by Rev. Obofuor against the fake wee miracle in his church and in words, he believes strongly that he cannot do anything to bring the name of God to shame and that God is capable of doing anything by Himself.

“I have no issue with Agradaa and as a man of God, I cannot fight with anyone. I am suppose to be at peace with everyone so it is not in the right place for people to assume that I have issue with her. All that I can say concerning the issue is, let us allow God to do His work and very soon, He will expose all the agenda and negative dealings against me” he said.

The big question now is, what is the truth!?


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