The news about his death has since reached thousands of people across the country. One person who has been hit hard by this news is Sonnie Badu after offering to help and make him stable in life. This was as a result of a viral video of the man of God being ridiculed by two ladies.

Just some hours after the search for him to offer the help, news again hit online that the said pastor has gone to be with the Lord.

Taking to Instagram, Sonnie Badu disclosed that he wasn’t expecting this news especially the same day he reached out to offer help to him as he said We have just been informed that the pastor passed on to be with the Lord this morning.

It looks like it was my urge to helping him video that alerted people to go check on him and when they did he had passed on.

No one had heard from him for 3 days … Sir, may you Rest In Peace. I heard you were a giver and loved people”.

He continued that “tears are in my eyes while watching KOFITV now … On this note, I want us to pray for pastors and ministers who have sacrificed everything for the gospel and their families. Some are going through intense depression others have attempted suicide, yet they have to stand and pray, minister, take care of souls … please don’t forget to say a little prayer”.

He sent out his unfeigned farewell message to him and used the same medium to urge congregants to remember their pastor’s in prayers.



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