Ghanaians woke up to one shocking revelation made by the Nation’s Worshipper Bro. Sammy as getting a cure for HIV and other ailments.

OneLoveGhana interviewed Bro Sammy concerning the drug and how it came about, to which he responded as a direct revelation from God to him to help Ghanaians suffering from some of these ailments.

The FDA came into the scene and invited Bro. Sammy for questioning which resulted in him squashing the idea of making sales out of the drug because it was not approved.

On speaking in an interview after the issues with FDA, Bro. Sammy confessed that the drug actually came from his grandmother and that he wanted to promote it for her, which meant that he lied when said it was from God.

“My grandmother is old and sick and I wanted to do something for her before she dies and that caused me to advertise for her. The only mistake I did was to assert that it was revealed to me by God which is a lie” he said.

He then used the opportunity to render apologies to gospel musicians and fans at large for bringing such a disgrace to them and he promised not to let that thing happen again.


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