The internet was thrown in raucous after the number plate of Nana Aba’s gift car was seen on another car. Nana Aba on her birthday received a Range Rover car as a gift. The car came with a registered number plate GR 2050-20.

The uproar came up immediately when another car with the same number plate was seen in town which made doubters come to their sense of doubting stating that, indeed the gift car was really not true.

Captain Smart in his quest to probe and find answers called the Office of the DVLA. The spokesperson of the DVLA stated that, “something of that sort might happen and that it only occurs when the registration of a new car is handled a middle man than the appropriate authority. There are consequences associated with the middlemen people mostly use the same process used in acquiring a number plate for more than two cars. This may be the case with the Presenter.

Then again, our system has the number plates of every car and when I checked our system, that number plate does not belong to any Range Rover but a Nissan”. Again he advised the general public to be circumspect in dealing with the registration of new cars.



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