Ghana played AFCON qualifiers with South Africa on Thursday. The stadium was in total uproar when there was a disruption from one spectator. For what some claim to be a race of the year, the match came to a halt after one spectator jumped onto the field and was chased by myriad of security personnel.

It was a sight to behold as he dribbled his way through the security and was later caught. After his arrest, he was taken to police custody and was granted bail just today. The police have asked that he reports to the station on Monday to be arraigned before court.

The information gathered so far from friends and loved ones showed that, Awal Mohammed completed Apam Senior High and was their 400m race athlete for the school. No wonder the security went through hell to get a hold of him.

The question then is, why did he invade on the pitch? It is rumuored that, he had placed bet with a friend that he will cause such commotion on the pitch and that so long as his favorite player, Thomas Partey is playing, he will get a pic with him. The date came to fruition as we saw the guy invade the pitch.


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