Today happens to be the birthday of one of the finest actress in the movie industry in the country. Nana Ama Mcbrown is a versatile actress who has been featured in so many movies in the country.

In celebrating her birthday today, the actress took to social media to make a live video of her appreciation to God and her fans. The video mostly detailed her struggles in life and the pains she had been through, thereby encouraging others to strive on to be the best.

I have cried for long and people may not believe but I have indeed cried for long. What you are seeing did not just happened. I have gone through pains and it got to a time where I thought nothing good will come out of my struggles” she said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

People called in with their messages as she was making the video expressing their appreciation and also encouraging her. There were controversies surrounding her marriage but gracefully embraced all those controversies and is now staying in her marriage and blessed too with a baby boy.

In connecting the birth of her son, the actress revealed how she had struggled before getting a baby boy and she could attribute all the progress and outcome to the handiwork of God. She therefore encouraged people to hold on to the promises of God and that if God has been able to do for her, then God will do for everyone.


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