The burial service of Bernard Nyarko happened last Saturday. It saw many of the colleague players in the game coming through to support the family.

Kumawood stars took the whole program in their hands and stormed everywhere to the surprise of many. Sunsum as a Kumawood actor was also present to pay his final respect to the Bishop Nyarko.

There had been a small misunderstanding between Sunsum and the brother of Bernard Nyarko, which had grown into being at logger heads with each other but the body of Bernard Nyarko laid in state had caused a change of mind and actions for Sunsum as he no longer feels the urge to hold onto that after seeing the dead body.

“I am very sad today and anyone who knows me will be alarmed to see me that sad. It does not happen to me like that and it takes a lot to happen before I get sad but Bernard Nyarko’s body had made me come to accept my life as it is. I have again come to be appreciative of whatever I have as a person.

I am moved by that and it has taught me a lot. The way he was laid in sate had also made me throw away any grudge I had with Bishop’s brother because life is very short and one must be humble and appreciative” Sunsum said.

Lastly he threw shots at the rest of the people who did not come as a result of their anger against the comments from the senior brother of Bishop to have a change of mind and heart.


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