Some weeks ago, Diana Asamoah in an interview made some comments about her colleague musician and preacher, Cecilia Marfo and accused her of spitting in the mouth of people when ministering. What was described an insane direction and ungodly by Diana Asamoah.

Cecilia Marfo in her response against such started with some tears in her quest to respond to such derogatory remark from no other but a Christian who is suppose to be discreet about such actions. What she called as an unseen behaviour of fellow Believer, the woman of God expressed her shock.

She again expressed how people will always yearn for her anointing and nature because for her, she lives an innocent life and do not really care about what others say and also be into things that perish.

My mission is not to fight and focus on these thing but to thing hard on the future and what the Saviour has for me because He has prepared something for me. Cecilia Marfo believes it was an old issue and needed not be raised by anyone, more so a Christian.

She continued to speak on what must be our burden and not just focus on degrading the lifestyle of others.


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