Net2TV has been the place of exposing fake men of God in the country. There had been people on the show who claimed to have been part of the the fake prophets and as such, exposing what they had played a part of was not of a bigger deal.

On last week’s show, one of the changed fake Prophets by name Obotan revealed that there are no prophets in the country. He explained that only one Prophet is in the country and his name is Prophet Annor, whom he is yet to meet. He again quoted scriptures in support of his claims.

Evangelisst lambasted Obotan for making such atrocious statement and askthat he goes to his room and ask for forgivenss from God because it is an abominable saying.

He encouraged young men who have been called by God to hold on to their faith and not be shaken because of the discouragement happening on TV and that for those people, they are there because of their evil deeds and God will continue to pay them.

You have used God’s name in fraud, then come back and claim to have changed. Not only that, you tend to discourage people form joining the ministry genuinely, God will judge you all and people you have duped, will come back hunting you” he expressed.

Evangelist Darko alleged that one of the people who have been coming on the show is HIV positive and it is due to his promiscuous life when duping people.



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