The family of Okomfour Kwadee called for support for their beloved brother as they needed help in making sure he stays sane and well. Lord Kenya on the other hand responded to the call of the family and took charge of all issues surrounding the insanity of his ‘brother’.

He made a decision and took to a rehabilitation center for proper checks on Okomfuor.

Whiles many Ghanaians are praising Lord Kenya for coming to the rescue, Kwadee’s family is more entirely happy about the new development.

According to Lord Kenya in a new video fast trending online, the family of Okomfo Kwadee has threatened to sue him if he continues to offer his support for Kwadee.

The family in the letter have issued a last warning to Lord Kenya to stay away from Kwadee to avoid embarrassment.

Lord Kenya has also vented his anger on Kwadee’s family by warning them to stop tormenting the legendary musician.

The former hiplife artist turned a man of God claims anyone who tries to help Okomfo Kwadee is frustrated and intimidated by the family until he or she gives up.

Okomfo Kwadee for the years now been in and out of rehabilitation centers for drug abuse which has affected her mental capacities.



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