One beef which had gained momentum was the one involving Kennedy Agyapong and Ibrah One. It was brought to naught and the anticipation from the public was cut short when the family of Ibrah One openly apologized on behalf of their brother, Ibrah One.

Speaking on the matter, he spoke of regretting to have responded to him after receiving series of information about him. Hon. Ken again described the event that led to his dismissal of the case and how unimportant it had become by virtue of the mental instability of Ibrah One.

How can you give the sitting President 24 hours to die knowing very well that you can be arrested? I began to accept the submission from the family concerning his health status when some revelations came out.

He is just a small boy and although I have accepted to let go, I won’t allow for the offshore accounts to be working so I’ll be going straight at banks for allowing for such act to happen.

It is purely illegal and I will see to it that it is stopped and I may have accepted the plea from the family, I will make sure he is arrested and taken to the mental hospital for safety of the public” he expressed.

Lastly he spoke of the his quest to expose irrespective of the dangers associated.



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