A few months ago, head pastor of Charismatic Calvary Centre (CCC), Reverend Ransford Obeng described any pastor who dashes cars to other people free of charge as occults, concluding that they don’t suffer before getting their monies.

However, the leader and founder of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC), Reverend Obofour who can stand on his feet and give out 5 luxurious cars in a day has been hit by what Rev. Ransford Obeng’s words. He has also replied to him.

According to Reverend Obofour, Rev. Ransford Obeng is a wicked and selfish pastor who doesn’t want us his church members to enjoy the millions of cedis he is making from their offertory.

Although there had existed some form of beef between the two pastors, the demise of the wife of Rev. Ransford made room for the appearance of Rev. Obofuor to mourn with him.

To what some will describe as National Burial Service for the wife of Rev. Ransford, there were known faces during the burial service and the first gentleman of the land was present. The Secretary for the opposition party Asiedu Nketiah was also present.

The president came with an entourage to mourn with the man of God.


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