What will cause the man of God to be angry and come out to defend his name again? As the Good book says, good name is better than riches and for him as a business man and man of God, one thing which is very important to him, is his name.

The first time speaking on the cases leveled against him and also responding to people trying to tarnish his image, the man of God questioned their sanity.

The first aspect of his speech settled on why he as the accused be blamed by people as a complainant. Rev. Obofuor claims that Hoahi rather reported him to the police and he was invited by the CID. Not only that, he had his fair share of damages as lawyers were paid to go in his defense. He therefore wonders why people are still placing that accusatory measures against him.

He again questioned the sanity of another group of people urging for his arrest to clearly check their mind, if they are really sane because if they feel he had caused for the arrest of Hoahi , and that he is a family guy, what do they think of him? Is he not also a family guy ? Doesn’t he have family and also run businesses ? These are the rhetorical questions raised by him.

He again threw some subtle remark to people with the core interest of tarnishing his image that the battle line has been dawn and that he had kept quiet all these years out of respect but people have taken advantage of it.



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