One actress who has gone through social media backlash is none other than Vivian Jill. Of all the derogatory remarks made about her, what really caused a push for her to react was the accusation made about her son. Evangelist Addai, who is based in the states commented that the father of her son is her first born. That is, she was impregnated by her first born which gave her room to have another son.

There were so many mouths that rose against her and some agreed and even came up videos to prove it. Vivian Jill came out to deny all of it also had people come to her defense. The issue died down after sometime until recently, she was asked in an interview on RTV which gave room for her to revisit such abuse on social media.

She explicitly denied it again and spoke extensively on the father of her child and even used the opportunity to delve into her profession as a movie star. She spoke of how acting had made her strong and now, it doesn’t matter the comments that come hitting at her, she strongly handles it and as such is not bothered totally about them all.


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