During the NPP primaries, it was seen that the delegates did not practice any social distancing protocol or masked up as a measure of preventing themselves against the spread of Coronavirus. This is according to the President’s directive.

The turn of events at the NPP rally was nothing to speak better off as there was no form of directive followed. The start of the program to the end was total negligence of directive given in prevention and spread of COVID 19.

This gingered Prophet Kofi Oduro to strongly lambast the NPP for allowing for such actions to be done in this trying time. He did a comparison with a political rally and church, that which one is more safe to be.

“If you feel safe at a Political rally than in church when it comes to being infected with COVID-19, then you are sick. Ghanaians hate church and this is the perfect example of it” he said.

He again projected the increase in the spread since they do not honor the church but only their own agenda.



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