The family of Hoahi on remand believe that there is a hand working against him and as such will go the traditional way to curse anyone working behind the scene to make that possible.

According to the narrative of the family before raining the curses, the young man who came to tell their son about the evil deeds of Rev. Obofuor possibly might have been bought by someone, the reason why he is in total denial.

Again the family believes there are others from the Police force working in favour of one party and by virtue of their bias, the gods should deal with them. They gave a timeline to the the curse specifically to the man who was the principal witness but is denying everything.

The mouth piece of the family spoke of how he is a witness to what the gods can do as they have records of their impact after calling on them. Although they claim to be Christians, the felt this was the best to make the truth prevail.

What will be the outcome and will there be signs? OneLoveGhana will gladly repot of the aftermath of the curse.



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