Before the semi final match between Barcelona and Liverpool, OneLoveGhana news took to the streets to work on the outcome of the encounter.

The team chanced on two kids who use the Bible in predicting results. They have attached a thread to a Bible, held by the two of them.

Then they mention the name of one of the teams by calling the Angel of the Bible to prove himself if that team will win by rotating. If the team will win, the Bible will automatically rotate which is a sign of surety for the team.

If they call the name of the team and they won’t win, the Bible won’t rotate.

Amazingly, they predicted the score of the match between Barcelona and Liverpool and even predicted the number of goals Messi will score.

True to their words and physical demonstration, the score was intact and Messi indeed scored two goals.

This is an amazing way of predicting scores and outcomes and it’s even more accurate than the Octopus prediction.

Fingers crossed to see if they will be able to predict other matches.

Watch the video below :


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