So amidst all the chaos and trolling and attacks rendered to Prophet Badu Kobi, there are still some people who are in full support of his action stating that, it is a mandate from God and that he is chosen to speak for God.

Yaw Sarpong is the current gospel musician to voice his support openly to Badu Kobi and extended that support to go his church and sing for him.

Amazingly, during his ministration, the man of God saw some things in the spiritual realm and told him.

“While he was singing, you people saw him as Yaw Sarpong but I only saw skeleton standing. And for this year, he will be fit but middle of next year, he will surely die. What I am seeing shows that people indeed are wicked. But so long as I live, I won’t allow for that to happen” he said when he took the mic.



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