Kelvin Taylor has always been on the nerve of Kennedy Agyapong and according to him, Kennedy Agyapong is the one behind the killing of J.B. Danquah. With that in mind, he had made various videos on the Hon. Member.

Kelvin Taylor as a journalist residing in the US hosts a program online called ‘WITH ALL DUE RESPECT’. Last year, there was warrant issued on him calling for his arrest and went offline after the warrant.

He comes again and this time strongly at Kennedy Agyapong with his ‘beef’ against Obinim saying it is an act of cowardice and sheer ignorance. Kelvin says he will never rest until Kennedy is in jails.

Speaking on the brawl between Hon. Ken and Angel Obinim, Kelvin blatantly insulted him for going after a lady, the wife of Angel Obinim, Florence Obinim. He not only rain insults on Hon. Ken but made some allegations concerning the death of J.B Danquah and the prime suspect ‘Sexy Dondon’ in prison.

He spoke and alleged on how the prison wardens are on the verge of killing the only suspect available to be a witness to the killing order by Kennedy Agyapong. He again revealed that the President and Finance Minister do not want to see the face of the MP.

He levelled an allegation oblivion to the general public, that is, how he was sacked from the wedding ceremony of Hon Adwoa Sarfo.


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